Friday, March 9, 2018

Kisses Delavin Hindi Nagpahuli kay Maymay Entrata sa Modeling, Pinatunayang Kaya Rin Niya!

Matatandaang sobrang nag-viral ang photoshoot ni Maymay Entrata at Edward Braber at ito ay umani ng mga magagandang comments ang naging Photoshoot nila sa Germany para para sa MEGA magazine, ito'y dahil sa exceptional chemistry at beauty ng dalawa. Bagama't di maitatanggi ang kagwapohan ni Edward ay 'di rin magpapatalo ang beauty ni Maymay na madalas mapuri pagdating sa pagmo-model.

Dahil dito ang BFF niyang si Kisses Delavin ay nabigyan din ng project ng MEGA Magazine at gaya ni Maymay ay may sariling appeal din itong si Kisses sa pagmo-model at talaga namang stunning ang kanyang beauty sa photoshoot na ito. Narito at tingnan natin ang mga pictures niya.

Tonight is a special night.

Dark hair curled into large wavy locks and pale lips tinted a sweet shade of pink, our leading lady considers her options for the evening. There is a party happening tonight, and she is excited to begin her preparations.

But, her friends warn, a lady should never attend these kinds of events alone. 
She shrugs and replies with a coy smile, “Depends on the lady.” Where could she be going?
She fixes her makeup in front of the vanity mirror, deciding upon a strong look with soft colors. 
What will be her final look?

Find out tomorrow at 6pm.

A dark-haired beauty dressed in a lovely old rose shade with pops of turquoise; she is truly a sight to behold. A shame that as soon as she picks up the phone, a small frown appears on her painted lips. 
Could it be her mysterious date?

She paces across her lavish living room and hums softly to herself. She seems unhappy with the situation. What’s a girl to do?

Our leading lady thinks to herself, “What she wants.” So, what now?

She scrolls through her phone and sends an important text she should have sent earlier. She should have known better than to doubt her instincts. 
With a satisfied face, she knows what she’ll be wearing tonight.

What will it be?

The story continues tomorrow at 6pm

She settles on a sweet, innocent-looking gown that contrasts her intense gaze. She walks around her living room, a classic over thinker considering last minute changes. How will the night play out?

She sits down in front of her grand tablescape while deep in thought. Phone in her hands and heart on her sleeves, she must commit to a decision.
Her phone is buzzing, it must be her date calling to sway her decision.

Will she change her mind?

She chooses not to give into pressure. Looking at herself by the light, she sees a strong, confidently independent woman who doesn’t owe her time to anyone.

Her phone stops buzzing and she is ready to go... But she is no one’s date.

She is Kisses Delavin. Confident. Independent. MEGA.
Watch out for her issue cover to be revealed tomorrow at 6pm.

Happy International Women's Day!

A woman’s worth is not dictated by the circumstances in which they were born but the convictions with which they live.

This young woman is more than a dreamer. She is an inspiration to every young woman struggling to play the cards they’ve been dealt. A fitting beacon of what it means to be a modern woman during this International Women’s month.

Kisses Delavin shares her story of strength and resilience; a reminder that no matter what life throws at you, it’s just a matter of how hard you hit back.

Fashion and beauty goes all out with splashes of vivid and in-your-face colors, decorated streetwear, hazy hues and glossed out makeup.

Make sure to grab a copy tomorrow at your local newsstands.

here is no other way to it: the future is definitely and clearly female. With great strides celebrating every facet of the woman on all fronts and at different (and critical) points of her ever-changing life, we navigate through all the issues and interests that are close to her heart.

A young lady breaking ground on her own, Kisses Delavin is living proof that life is what you make of it. In her case, it is fighting for her very existence, as well as the dreams that she has grown up with. Unlike ever before, she opens up and spreads her brand of cheer in the magical gem of Prague in the Czech Republic. -

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