Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Kris Aquino, niresbakan si Paolo Duterte sa pagdawit nito sa kanyang pangalan sa FB Post!

Nagkaroon ng parinigan ang panig ni Paolo Duterte at Kris Aquino dahil sa post ni Paolo Duterte kung saan makikita ang picture ng EDSA (dati) kung saan nasa picture ang dating President at namayapang si Corazon  "Cory" Aquino at may nakalagay na quote sa picture na: "The commemoration of EDSA is reminder of a broken promise 30 years since. (2 Aquinos and the corruption that prevailed)" at may caption sa post na: "Oo nga no....sorry krissy ha wag magdrama....laro nalang PS4...#eatshitanddie."

Agad naman itong niresbakan ni Kris Aquino gamit ang Official Facebook page nito, basahin:

This is a message to @pd375 on IG, Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte - Official on FB... you mentioned me in your post by name & i feel it is only proper to reply. Sorry Paolo (you called me Krissy so i’m taking the liberty of calling you Paolo)- i don’t know how to play PS4.๐Ÿ˜Š But in this instance i’m not my mother’s daughter, but instead my father’s- who believed that everything could be worked out through face to face dialogue... So here goes: May i invite you to have coffee (i endorse Nespresso) or we can have a San Mig (i’ve endorsed them too & i’m cool w/ the lemon flavored) if that is your preference... you have my word hindi ako “mag da-drama” pag nagkaharap na tayo... To the best of my knowledge we have never actually met or been personally introduced. It is actually only Kitty your Dad, our president, had introduced me to, way back 8 years ago when i was just campaigning for my brother... i have no agenda other than the desire for you to personally get to know me & vice versa... Too much bad blood has already been manufactured between our families... We have the chance to hear each other out. Para sa mga nagtataka kung bakit ko ‘to ginagawa- because i’d rather have tried & reached out & possibly be rejected than regret not making a move when i saw an opportunity to open communication lines. Kung tanggihan mo ko, Paolo- i shall respect that. Nasa pamilya nyo ang kapangyarihan at ang buong lakas ng gubyerno at kapulisan ng Pilipinas- kaya sino naman nga ba ako? Hihiram ako ng linya kay Julia Roberts from Notting Hill (but of course rewriting it to suit our particular situation): i’m just a girl, unfortunately not standing in front of a boy, but doing it via social media- asking him to give getting to know her personally a chance... I shall await your decision & pray that my effort won’t be snubbed. ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ

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