Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Ms. Marian Taga Saan ka? Ms. Marian Dances Budots!

Ms. Marian Rivera not only known for her beauty and being an actress also known for her dancing skills, recently one of her video which she performs the well known dance in Visayas and Mindanao the "Budots budots" has gone viral. The Budots dance has been pretty popular back then in the year 2012, but recently this dance once again went viral when the "Taga saan ka challenge" or "Ms. Taga asa ka" which the performer should answer the question followed by Budots dance step. But even though it's popular I bet you don't even know what's Budots stands for.

      If the US taught us “how to doggie” and South Korea has “Gangnam Style”, The Davaoeños  have “Budots”.  The term budots is the slang for “tambay” which means people with no jobs or permanent jobs.  They have more free time in their hands so to speak.  The dance was branded “Budots” because the
folks who started it are “tambays” in a small Barangay in Davao City.  Barangay Camus in Davao is a small quiet town until the techno music plays that signals the whole town folks to get out of their houses to dance “Budots”.

     “Budots” is a combination of a tribal dance and a Pinoy’s imagination that gave the first its modern twist.  The steps look freestyle but they’re actually based on the Badjao dance.   Badjao drum beat mixed with techno music equals “Bistik” or Bisayan Tikno (how a person that speaks Bisaya would pronounce techno).  And for those who are not aware, Bisaya is the dialect that Davaoeños speak.

      Badjao is the name of the tribe that live in the Sulu region of southern Philippines.  They are also called the sea gypsies because they live upon the sea.  They live in Bangka houses on the Sulu seas.  In the past, life had been hard because they had always been an easy target for the Moro pirates and an unwelcome neighbors of the Tausugs, the proud and fearless race of Moros that live upon the land. At present, life is hard because they are losing the battle against big fishing boats and dynamite fishing .

     I would love to talk about the Badjao and Tausug but for right now, I would like to just focus on “Budots”.  What really caught my attention is its history and the fact that Filipinos, no matter what the rest of the world say about us, continues to prove that we have our own- own design, own culture, own dance; that we will never be satisfied to just dance what other countries have made popular; that we have to have our own.
     The dance that was started by just a group of guys in a small town became the country’s new craze.  Once again the Pinoy’s love for dance made us defy social status or educational background.  We dance because we love to dance.  It doesn’t matter who started it.

Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho
Badjao, LVN film

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