Sunday, November 5, 2017

WATCH: Kris Aquino has a Shocking Revelation About James Yap and Her Son Bimby!

Kris Aquino is one of showbiz's biggest names, and it's no secret that she tells things as they are. Kris is transparent about her life, family and affairs; she is known to be an open book so a lot of fans get a glimpse of who she really is in her social media posts and vlogs. Because of this, fans and followers are more courageous in asking her personal questions, even private information that shouldn't be asked, except by close friends.

This L.H. (Laging Handa) mama wasn’t prepared for how cold it would be here Oct 31 & yesterday. I have dry, scaly skin, Kuya Josh is jetlagging yet thank God healthy, but Bimb’s had several nose bleeds before sleeping & a lot of blood upon waking up yesterday & today. We went to CVS yesterday (US equivalent of Mercury) to buy him saline nasal spray, petroleum jelly to help his nasal passages not get dry to follow our pediatrician Dr. Aye’s long time advice, vitamin C, and some cold & cough medicine for all of us to be sure. I’m making him rest, he’s now sipping warm milk w/ hot cocoa & marshmallows i made for him & he told me I’m the best mama ever for taking care of him even w/ no yaya to help me. (pagpasensyahan nyo na kami- for bimb big deal na yun because he saw me washing pans, plates, utensils & mugs last night & being OC about cleaning the kitchenette & organizing the ref.) Kuya & Bincai went down for the buffet breakfast that’s included when you book w/ this type of serviced residence. ❤️❤️❤️ #lovingfamily
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Followers of Kris Aquino's Instagram page have noticed her son James, also known as Bimby, accompanies her on her travels. On her Instagram post of her narrating her son's ailment, a fan asks her about Bimby's schooling "Are kids homeschooling? They always travel with you? Just curious." to which Kris replied that Bimby is in 5th grade and home schooled.

It seemed like harmless exchange until one of James Yap's fans responded (translated from Tagalog) "Ms. Kris maybe James thought that you homeschooled Bimby on purpose so that he wouldn't get to visit his son in his school?"

Kris responded that sole custody was granted to her and that she had waived child support from her ex-husband. Here is her full comment:

Fans and followers of Kris defended her and told off James Yap's fan, telling the person that it was his fault that now the world knows Yap hasn't been paying child support or Bimby's medical bills.

Watch the full exchange in the video below:

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