Monday, November 6, 2017

WATCH: Devastating Story About Model's Life Ruined Because of Infamous Internet Meme!

Jokes are harmless and often just created for fun. There are some jokes, however, that cross the line and end up hurting one or more people in the process. This is the case of Taiwanese model Heidi Yeh, when her ad for a plastic surgery clinic, ended up becoming the meme or photo as illustration for an elaborate internet hoax.

On the day of the photoshoot, she was told that the distribution would only be for print media; but was surprised when later on her friends told her about the existence of the infamous plastic surgery meme. More shockingly, the photo was used as "evidence" to a hoax story that has been shared everywhere in social media and translated into other languages.

The story was that the woman in the picture was the wife of a guy. Both of them were good-looking but somehow reared unattractive children. The husband felt outraged and cheated that he sued her and won the lawsuit. Apparently, due to the hoax, she was no longer given opportunities by big companies and she had problems from people judging her.

Watch the interview below, it will make you cry!

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