Sunday, October 15, 2017

Xander Ford Wants To Die After The Netizens Found Out That He's The One Behind The Leaked Video

After the version two of the leaked video where Xander mocks Kathryn that became proof that he's really the one behind the leaked video. Xander has no guts to face the netizens after he keeps denying that he's not the one who insulted Kathryn Bernardo when DJ Chacha asks him several times, he even act as a victim and said that, he can never do such thing since Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are his inspiration to reach his goals,  he even got emotional and cry while denying the issue during his MOR live interview with DJ Chacha.

DJ Chacha even offered a helping hand to help Xander that she knows someone who works at NBI. Few hours after the interview, another video of Marlou drastically circulates on the social media and this time it shows Marlou's face mocking (body shaming) Kathryn Bernardo. His fans were also got disappointed since they fight for Xander that he's not the one behind the first leaked video since Marlou denies it too.

After the issue became hot topic on Facebook (Philippines) Xander Ford became silent and still no official statement of him were posted on his Facebook page, netizens are expecting Xander to admit it and apologize. But Xander seems showing depression on his Twitter account that he even posted that he wanna die. Check out his tweets below.

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