Thursday, October 12, 2017

Watch: Xander Ford Tries to Sing| Listen to Xander Ford Voice

Xander Ford can dance well and that his talent, in this video Xander tries to sing without background music this is just a proof that no matter how many bashers that he have, still his enjoying his new face and new life. Imagine if you were Xander Ford, how would you handle his situation? He still strong and always ready to face every bash that thrown to him yet he still continue to live happily and to work just to help his family.

Things that we should appreciate and think that he's just a kid a wants to be happy and to help his parents just like you. You are still lucky and fortunate that you were not born as Marlou and we should respect and understand him. He still a kid and does nothing to harm you. And somehow he made us laugh and put smile on our face during Marlou days. Didn't he? Watch how he sings below.

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