Tuesday, October 10, 2017

These Chinese women stuck at South Korea airport unable to confirm their identities after plastic surgery!

South Korea is getting more and more famous when it comes to plastic surgery that even people from other countries will go there just to have plastic surgery, this is just a proof that no countries that can beat South Korea in terms of plastic surgery.

Three Chinese women flew to South Korea to go under the knife in the Golden Week holiday but they face some trouble getting back to to their country due to swelling, their face were bloated that they're having hard time to prove that they are the same person in their passport photos.

On Sunday, Jian Huahua, a Chinese TV anchor shared a photo on her Weibo account of the three women sitting at a South Korea airport, passports in hands, with their  unrecognizable post-plastic surgery faces wrapped up in bandages and severely swollen.

According to the Jian, the poor Chinese women looked so completely different from their passport photos that they were barred from taking their flight back home, detained and questioned by authorities. She joked that even their mothers wouldn't recognize them. It's not yet confirmed if the three women have able to confirm their identity and went back to their country.

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