Saturday, October 7, 2017

Must See: Xander Ford is now Undergoing to Acne Scar Treatment and Skin Bleaching?

Xander is the center of media right now, recently Rated-K reveled his new physical appearance with the help plastic surgery. The surgery outstandingly succeeded and the name Xander Ford was born. He has gone Anti wrinkle, 4D Eyebrow Cloning, Lip Tint procedure, Ceramic Veneers for his teeth, Eyelash Extensions, Rhinoplasty, Alarplasty, Manibular Angle Augmentation, Mentoplasty the estimated total of these procedure is almost half million pesos.

But recently when one of his picture gone viral, when one of his sponsors posted his picture promoting the company, the company accidentally posted a picture where he was wearing short pants and exposes his unwanted dark knee, the company immediately deleted the picture and cropped his knee in the picture and reuploaded the again on the company's Instagram page, but the netizens' eyes were faster than the lightning as they already shared the picture in social media and the said picture became viral.  

Star Image (Xander Ford's Agency) seems aware of this, and to solve this problem Xander is now undergoing to Acne Scar treatment called Fractional C02 Laser and seems like he's also bleaching his skin as you can see in the video he's being injected Glutathione. Take a look of the video below.  

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