Friday, October 6, 2017


Who among of your favorite celebrities who got successful plastic surgery? You may not know that your favorite celebrity had gone plastic surgery. After Marlou Arizala now Xander Ford successful plastic surgery and totally manages to shock the netizens of his new appearance he was and he's still talk-of-the-town until now. But there still many netizens that doesn't convince of his new look since according to them it's due to makeup that makes him really catch the eyes of the netizens. This was happened when one of Xander's selfie without wearing makeup circulated on the social media mixed reactions and comments were given to that picture of him.

In this topic we're talking about the Filipino celebrities who got successful plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is pretty common in the other asian country like South Korea, Japan, Thailand and China but still no matter how common it is the countries that near in the Philippines this kind of practice is not yet acceptable in the Philippines but seems like after Xander gone plastic surgery and became successful more and more Filipinos start embracing this medical procedure. The video below will show celebrities that had gone surgery. Watch it below!

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