Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Miles Ocampo,s Reaction on Being Paired to Xander Ford as a Live Team!

After Marlou Arizala undergone plastic surgery and successful result and even completely changed his fashion style, his name which now Xander Ford, seems like Xander is receiving bunch of opportunities. While interviewing Miles Ocampo about her upcoming horror movie the "The Debutantes" Miles was asked about her reaction for Marlou now, Xander Ford complete transformation.

The Debutantes: It is a story of girls aspiring for an enjoyable 18th birthday celebration but has instead turned bloody with a curse cast upon them.
Main Cast: Jane De Leon, Miles Ocampo, Sue Ramirez 
Director: Prime Cruz
MTRCB Rating: PG
Released By Regal Entertainment Inc.
Running Time: 1 hr 30 min

According to Miles Ocampo, after Xander Ford revealed his new appearance she receives a lot of text messages that asking her comment and reaction, she was totally speechless and just said "it's okay and I'm happy for him", and then asked what if soon they got the chance to have movie project and then she responses that, as of now I still didn't hear if there is, but let's see.

It's actually huge opportunity for Xander if he got the chance to have movie with Miles, just like Empoy and Alessandra De Rossi blockbuster movie "Kita Kita" that earned more than 300 million pesos. Surely Filipinos will watch the movie out of curiosity and will be talked-of-the-town if this will happen. You can watch Miles full interview below.

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