Monday, October 9, 2017

Lifestyle: Best Foundation| Most Full Coverage Under $20 Can Cover Tattoo and Acne Marks

Have you tried many foundation but it wont last a day, won't make full coverage, becomes oily, feels heavy? The product that you're about to watch maybe will solve those problems of yours. A Youtube channel LearningToBeFearless reviews this product called "Dermacol foundation" this makeup foundation will cover your unwanted skin spots not only acne marks blemishes but also tattoo. According to LearningToBeFearless the product is thick but when you start applying it on your skin using kabuki brush it feels so lighter than most of the foundation in the market.

Check out these users who gave 5 stars on this product:

Sarai H.: I'm very pale so I got the shade 208 and it matches my skin perfectly. This does not feel heavy on the skin, but I cannot emphasize enough that you need to start with very little product. This is full coverage and takes less than a pea sized amount for the entire face. My first time using it I used too much and it ended up looking too heavy. I now put the smallest amount on and go over my entire face and just hit a spot here or there with a little extra if it needs it. I've gotten compliments on how good it looks. It looks very natural and I don't feel like I have anything on my face. I do set mine with a powder and maybe touch it up once or twice a day with a matte powder. I work long hours and my skin tends to get oily on my T zone and chin. The foundation holds up well though. Really satisfied with it.

Sarah M.:This foundation is MAGIC. I have extremely dry skin and it is very difficult to find foundations that are full coverage and do not have a matte finish. I bought shade 207 and I do have to add some white foundation to make it work, but it is so beautiful. A friend of mine told me I looked like Snow White when I wore this recently. It completely covers my dark circles and my pesky freckles. Wish the 208 shade was easier to find and that Amazon would stop raising the prices! Such a great foundation for the price and you only need the smallest amount to cover everything!

Helena T.: There's a lot of Dermacol sellers out there, many are fake products so be careful where you get yours. But even the fakes are pretty wonderful according to the reviews. I got mine on Wish. I realize it's a rare real item on there and that I only paid $3 but I'm confident mine is legit. It had a unique bar code that had not been checked before. The company in Prague said, basically, "We sell our product all over to lots of retailers and we have also some stores. They resell it everywhere too but the product is not expensive. It's real Dermacol product." So, I looked around and they're right, it averages $3-16. I tested it. It's the best foundation I've ever used. It's matte, but it's not. It's like Dermablend camo cream if the camo cream were more pliable and creamy. It sets to a natural finish. It does come in a very tightly packed metal tube that, if you squeeze too soon, will come spewing forth so don't squeeze it. Rub it a little and it makes its way out. If you want a high cover foundation that you don't need a lot of, that NEVER gets cake-y then this is it. It comes with a very large pamphlet of directions. The packaging is sturdy, strong. I'd suggest using a damp blender to apply this because it spreads more evenly and you won't need concealer or to spot conceal. It simply just covers everything and looks really, really natural. It looks natural on camera too. It doesn't sit in pores or lines but it sure blurs them away. No breakouts yet. This stuff is pretty light but mixes well with anything you want. It's like pigment in a cream form. I applied a pea size to the back of my hand and it was too much! Even with my severe accident scarring on top of the cystic acne scarring, a pea was too much. But.. I left the pea size out on a piece of sponge overnight..just to see. I'm weird. Anyway, the sponge soaked up no product. It soaked up only the cream part leaving a thicker pigment. So, if you want to capture the pigment that's a way to do it. Not that you'd need to. This stuff covers literally everything. It's the most amazing yet non drying high cover product I've never seen!?

Emily G.: I first discovered this foundation from a YouTub -er that I follow on a weekly basis. She had sworn up and down that this was the answer to her fair skin prayers. Little did I know, I would be saying the same thing! For a mere $15, I can have a flawless face and confident that my 12 hour days are now covered with a full coverage foundation. A little bit does go a long way and all you need to achieve the right level of coverage. I cannot even begin to say how many compliments I receive in regards to my skin and appearance of my makeup. Once out of the tube, the foundation does feel as though it has a soft mouse. I have incredibly dry skin and I was impressed that the foundation did not cling to a single dry patch on my face all winter! The finish is more of a demi - matte for my dry skin, but overall feels as though I am not wearing anything on my face. I am one to constantly be buying and trying new foundations and for the first time, I feel confident in repurchasing this product.

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