Sunday, October 8, 2017

Alisah Bonaobra wins seat in sing-off for X Factor’s Six Chair Challenge!

Despite having standing ovation for Alisah Bonaobra's rendition of All By Myself and wowing absolutely everybody with her renditio, that place didn’t last long, as favorite Grace Davies delivered yet another self-penned track, Do It Better – and impressed Simon so much that he didn’t just want to offer her ‘a chair, but also – as he put it: ‘The table the chairs, my water, my tea and my prawn cocktail Skips’.

Now that’s dedication. So it was kind of inevitable she was getting one of the chairs – but what did surprise everybody was when Sharon swapped Grace with Alisah, shocking the judges with her decision.

‘But no matter what I have two chairs and three girls…so I want you to do a sing-off for me. You’re all so talented, don’t forget that.’ Sharon says.

The trio duly made their bid to remain in contention, with Alisah stepping things up a notch as she performed Jessie J’s Bang Bang – and even showed off her rapping skills that clearly made the Audience and Sharon amazed and decided to remain Akisah Banaobra in the competition.  Watch the video below.

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