Monday, September 25, 2017

MUST SEE: Julia Barretto Answers Joshua Garcia’s Question ” SASAGUTIN MO NA BA AKO?”

Did Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto moved their relationship to another level? It is no secret that Joshua revealed during a press conference last August of their movie “Love You to the Stars and Back” that he was given the permission by Julia herself, to court her and he started January this year. They have shared and starred different films, TV appearances and mall shows together that the crown are still looming and excited about these two. And one can see how comfortable and natural they act towards each other.

In this video, Joshua and Julia took the “Whisper Challenge” where one will be wearing the headphones and the other will mouth the phrase or sentence given, and the one wearing the headphones will try to lip read and figure out what is being said.

Julia started to be the one to wear the headphones and she looked very competitive and up to the challenge. Without sweat, she was able to guess the sentences mouthed by Joshua because aside from mouthing the words, he was also trying to act it out.

On one of the sentences, Julia was the one wearing the headphones and Joshua is being playful mouthing and whispering “Kelan mo ako sasagutin?” repeatedly, and this time, it took very hard for Julia to decode the words, and Joshua followed up with the question “Tayo na ba?”, then the choices “Oo o hindi?” When it finally dawned on Julia the question, instead of repeating the words she replied “Malapit na!” that moved them to laughter.

When its Joshua’s turn, he was having a hard time lip reading Julia and said that he would rather stare at Julia more than playing the game.

What will happen to these two cute lovers on cam. Fans and followers are all excited with anticipation to the next chapter of their relationship, as from Julia’s words, it’s coming soon.

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