Monday, September 25, 2017

MUST SEE: Julia Barretto Answers Joshua Garcia’s Question ” SASAGUTIN MO NA BA AKO?”

Did Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto moved their relationship to another level? It is no secret that Joshua revealed during a press conference last August of their movie “Love You to the Stars and Back” that he was given the permission by Julia herself, to court her and he started January this year. They have shared and starred different films, TV appearances and mall shows together that the crown are still looming and excited about these two. And one can see how comfortable and natural they act towards each other.

In this video, Joshua and Julia took the “Whisper Challenge” where one will be wearing the headphones and the other will mouth the phrase or sentence given, and the one wearing the headphones will try to lip read and figure out what is being said.

Julia started to be the one to wear the headphones and she looked very competitive and up to the challenge. Without sweat, she was able to guess the sentences mouthed by Joshua because aside from mouthing the words, he was also trying to act it out.

On one of the sentences, Julia was the one wearing the headphones and Joshua is being playful mouthing and whispering “Kelan mo ako sasagutin?” repeatedly, and this time, it took very hard for Julia to decode the words, and Joshua followed up with the question “Tayo na ba?”, then the choices “Oo o hindi?” When it finally dawned on Julia the question, instead of repeating the words she replied “Malapit na!” that moved them to laughter.

When its Joshua’s turn, he was having a hard time lip reading Julia and said that he would rather stare at Julia more than playing the game.

What will happen to these two cute lovers on cam. Fans and followers are all excited with anticipation to the next chapter of their relationship, as from Julia’s words, it’s coming soon.

MUST SEE: Jackie Forster Slams A Netizen After Being Called A “Bad Parent”

Former Filipino actress Jackie Forster hits back at basher who judged her ways on being a mother to her children.

Being a mother is indeed not an easy job for aside from your role in the society, you also have this big responsibility on your shoulder towards your family. From giving birth down to the point of growing up your children to be a good citizen. A mother is not just merely being a mother. All at once, you are playing the role of being a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a person. And when one judges a mother, one should not do so unless the shoe fits.

And just like Jackie Forster.

On her Instagram account is where she greeted her son Kobe Paras to where she posted a throwback photos of them together entailed with a brief and yet full of emotions message.

The greeting says, “Happy Birthday Kobe my love, mama loves you so much ♥️ Don’t let anybody ever tell you otherwise. Keep that with you wherever life leads. I’ll always just be here, praying for you. May the Lord bless you with all that is good for your heart and soul.”

This recent post has received various reactions from the people of the social media community. She received a lot of encouragement and also had her share judgments and criticisms. Yet, there is this one comment from a netizen that had seemed to trigger something out from Jackie.

What this certain netizen has said is, "That’s what you get for being a bad parent. Look at how you barely post any picture of Jared just because he’s autistic and you adore your other kids. You’re repeating the same mistake.”

And her response over this matter is, “First of all Jared is not autistic, second he is 11 years old and has a life and priorities! Social Media is the least of his concerns right now and he doesn’t have time to play and take photos intentionally. I’m not going to make him come with his younger siblings just to be in a photo for me to prove to someone like you that I, HIS MOTHER, LOVE HIM. Get a life and stay off of my account you judgmental fool.”

VIRAL: This Young Men Fearlessly Burning Paper Money!

The video footage of young men fearlessly burning Philippine paper money goes viral online after it was posted in the social media.

Nowadays, money is too important for everyone not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all over the world. It is used to buy certain things and can make people powerful as money can buy any physical possession.

Everyone was working so hard just to earn money to provide the necessities of their family such as foods, shelter, clothes, tuition fee, transportation, school supplies, and many things.

Recently, a Facebook user named Jesse Watari Bolante has uploaded the video of a group of young men burning Philippine paper money, which garnered criticisms and negative feedback from the social media users.

Bolante posted the video but did not give any description to explain what’s really happening in the footage.

In the video, it can be seen that the group of young men started to burn a paper money amounting P50. The value of other paper bills could not be determined due to the low video quality.

After burning the Philippine paper money, the young men dropped the bills on the ground and raised their hands together as if it was only a joke.

The netizens expressed their disappointment towards the group of young men burning money knowing that thousands of Filipino people were starving and suffering extreme poverty.

The group of men could face charges in violation of Presidential Decree No. 247 that prohibits the mutilation, tearing, burning, or destruction of central bank notes and coins. Violators will face corresponding sanctions and penalties.

The video immediately goes viral after it was posted in the social media. It has already garnered over 2.9 million views, 1, 477 shares, 2.1K likes, and 2.1K comments as of this writing.

Watch this video below:

MUST SEE: Alyssa Valdez’s Sexy Hot Photo's On Social Media Goes Viral!

Volleyball star and national athlete Alyssa Valdez received reactions as she posted her beach body photo on social media.

Alyssa Valdez is definitely one of the most prominent athletes of the country. She started as the quiet volleyball player of the Ateneo Lady Eagles playing for UAAP. But then, the quietness she had does not match the noise she gives whenever she is in the middle of the court to play. Her powerful spikes and remarkable aces during a game are just two of the factors that brought her to where she is now and be the athlete that she is now.

nowing the intense training and practices they have gone through in the said sport she is merely fond of, anyone would probably expect how firm the body she is hiding underneath her loose shirts. And, anyone seems right.

She has this firm and very toned body perfected with matching abs on her stomach which would absolutely take someone’s breath. And the evidence was posted on her Instagram account.

On her account is where she shared and posted her beach body photo thus, receiving reactions from the people of the social media community.

Take a look at her photos below:

Here are some of the reactions from the netizens:
Nanglayas nag mga bashers mo Ly,di kinaya yong “Waves dont die”.napaso sa sobrang hot..Post pa moreeeee!
Ginalingan masyado…ayan may nanalo na. Hotness sa panahong malamig..Lol
MG!! yung abs talaga.. Masyadong ginalingan eh haha love you queen..
She has indeed set her fans and followers on fire.

VIRAL: Agot Isidro Revealed Her “Best Basher’s” Foul, Offensive Tweet About Her!

The Kapamilya actress and singer Agot Isidro revealed her “best basher’s” nasty and foul tweet about her before blocking. Social media truly has a broad span in terms of connection and communication just through some few clicks on your gadgets’ screen with the aide of the internet.

However, the convenience brought by this privilege has been abused by some of the people of the online community. Other’s abuses have reached the point of insulting other people and being disrespectful to their fellow human being.

Meanwhile, in terms of bashing, the name of the Kapamilya artist Agot won’t surely be out of the list. She gets to be bashed because of her bold and brave stands she posts on her social media account. Some might agree with her but the inevitable is that people’s diverse point of views collide with hers and that is when criticisms surfaces.

On the Twitter account of Agot to where she usually posts her opinion is where she sarcastically acknowledge a particular netizen over his foul and nasty Tweet about her.

Take a look at her recent tweet:

Here are some of the reactions from the netizens: